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Dubai attracts more tourists from China

Posted by DPS on 24/02/2017

There is a growing trend for Chinese people to become the main tourists in a given destination. As the Chinese middle class grows and wealth becomes something easier for them to come by, they start to get out there and see the rest of the world. Dubai is no different to this. Dubai attracts Chinese visitors because they love the way of life. There is so much to see and do in Dubai. And the Chinese visitors want to see it all. The different parts of the city are what makes it so attractive. Dubai attracts visitors from across the globe but the high-spending Chinese are very popular here.

Why Dubai attracts Chinese visitors

A typical day for a Chinese visitor will include trips to the souks, a desert safari and then the malls and shops of the new Dubai. The fact that you can do so many different things all in one city turns heads. Tour guides are starting to locate here to help these Chinese tourists around. They can see and buy things that are just not available back home.

Chinese visitors spend money as they move around. In 2016 there was over half a million tourists from China. This is a 22% increase on the year before. The Chinese have re-found Dubai and are coming to the city en masse.

What is Dubai doing to attract them?

Hotels in particular have moved to make their offering more accommodating for Chinese tourists. They accept cards form Chinese banks, employ staff that speak Mandarin and advertise in the country. Dubai will continue to be a chosen location for Chinese tourists. The fact that they are made more welcome than ever will only help. Dubai is a global city with global appeal. The Chinese are an important part of the Dubai tourist scene.

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