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Dubai taxi drones are coming soon

Posted by DPS on 17/02/2017

There is no doubt about the fact that Dubai is a crowded city. As more people and businesses arrive in the city then there is the chance that the streets become more crowded. The roads have some heavy traffic at the best of times and the Metro system has been designed to ease the pressure. But something else is arriving in Dubai this summer. Dubai taxi drones are coming soon to the city in 2017 to help people get around without the need to drive.

Testing, testing

The technology is in its infancy but Dubai is seen as one of the ideal cities to trial this in. There is a lot of traffic, a lot of people and a lot of wealth. The authorities have looked at this as a way of easing the pressure. They carry one person each and test shave already happened in Dubai. China leads the way in this technology. These are developed by a company called Ehang. After testing in the lab and in the US desert, it seems they are ready for the big city. The people of Dubai will love the fact that they can get around the city with ease. Dubai taxi drones might be the future.

Dubai taxi drones are coming soon to a place near you

Although this seems like something from science fiction, taxi drones are a reality. The summer of 2017 will see the first commercial flights take to the skies. They have a range of 2.2 miles so won’t replace the aeroplane just yet! The world needs to look for solutions in new ways. Traffic causes issues of pollution and lost efficiency in big cities across the globe. Maybe this is the answer. It will certainly be fun to look up this summer. Keep your eyes peeled for a taxi drone in Dubai.


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