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Ruler of Dubai unveils huge beachfront resort near Burj Al Arab

Posted by DPS on 26/03/2017
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The city of Dubai gets ready for the 2020 Dubai Expo. There are many new projects just beginning that will attract visitors for years to come. News of a huge Dubai beachfront resort planned at Jumeirah beach near Burj Al Arab in Dubai has been unveiled by the ruler of Dubai and the plans look fantastic. When it is completed it will be the premier beach resort in the region. Of course it will attract the attention of the world to this great city. Being a place where families can visit has been high on the agenda for Dubai’s planners for years and this is a crucial part of that plan.

Developments in Dubai

This is one of many projects that fit within the UAE Vision 2021 and Dubai Plan 2021. These look to take the city and country forward as a major worldwide destination for business and tourism. The beachfront resort will go along with other attractions to really bring the family to this part of the world. This allows people to get to Dubai and have a great time here. The resort will be another positive piece of news for the local economy and will drive tourism.

Huge Dubai beachfront resort planned soon

These plans will be a reality in the very near future. In fact, the work is due to begin this year. The resort will sit along a huge area of waterfront that will be developed. The hotel chain MGM has a large stake in the plan and they are very excited about the potential it brings. The project will take around four years to be built. It will take pride of place in the Dubai tourist scene. It will include a theatre, many restaurants and adventure zones for children and adults in a move that will delight the visitors from 2021 onwards.

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