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Buying Property in Dubai – Buyer’s Guide

Buying Property in Dubai – Buyer

If you are thinking about buying property in Dubai then you need to know where to start. If you haven’t bought in Dubai before then you will need to understand the Dubai property market. Even if you have bought in Dubai before then things may have changed. Here is our guide to…

Buying property in Dubai

There are certain things that you just need to know. If you get these right then you will have an easy buying experience. Get them wrong and you can run into trouble. We want to help you get the mist from your Dubai property purchase so we have made it easy for you. Follow our guide and see how it can all fall into place –

Work out how much you can spend

The very first thing to do when looking to buy property in Dubai is to establish a budget. Speak to a mortgage adviser that knows the area and has arranged mortgages in Dubai. Your agent can help you find a suitable mortgage provider. Open up a bank account in the area so you have a presence in the Dubai financial system. If you don’t know what you can borrow then you don’t know what you can buy.

Work out where you want to live

There are so many different areas in Dubai to choose from. You need to narrow down your search to one area. Consider all the factors that are important to you. It might be the schools, the proximity to work or other things but understand where you want to be.

View the properties you are considering

It might sound obvious, but never buy without viewing at least twice. You need to know what you are buying.

The legal work

Although it is not mandatory by law to do so, it is highly recommended to hire an experienced real estate broker with the appropriate licence or solicitor that can make sure all the legal paperwork is in order. You went to be covered in this aspect of buying a home. This includes registering the title deed and transferring the money to the seller at the right time.

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