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3D printed skyscraper comes to Dubai

Posted by DPS on 18/03/2017

Construction is something that Dubai leads the world in. It is known across the globe for innovative design and stunning buildings. From the Palm Jumeirah to the World Trade Centre, the landmarks of Dubai are known and loved. It keeps the city at the forefront as it maintains its status as one of the premier cities to live in worldwide. The news is that a 3D printed skyscraper comes to Dubai only adds to the excitement around the city. Let’s take a look in more detail.

A 3D printed skyscraper comes to Dubai

3D printing really started to take off a few years ago. It was first employed to design small items that could be printed on the desktop and used plastic moulding technology to deliver items instantly. But the technology has moved on massively over the last few years. Now the use of a crane to ‘print’ huge scale 3D designs is changing the way that construction firms produce buildings.

A company called Cazza lead the way and as a result the skyscraper will be printed here soon. They have designed the first 3D printed skyscraper and will build it in Dubai. Cazza have pushed the boundaries here. Building a ‘printed’ skyscraper is the kind of thing that Dubai should lead the world in. The fact that it is being built here will therefore attract the attention of the world. Dubai wants to be on the world stage and great ideas such as this will help it to stay there.

What will the crane print?

Traditional 3D printers work with plastic, but that obviously isn’t going to work for a skyscraper. Cazza have developed a crane printed that will print in concrete and steel because they deliver the strength needed. While this tech has been used on smaller designs, this is the first skyscraper to be built.

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